Art and Writing

I sketched a cover for a comic book version one of the as-yet ubnpublished stories in the 74 Stories Project. (My Ray Bradbury-inspired project to write and submit a story a week. I’m writing a linear series of 74 stories that can be read alone or in sequence to tell a larger story,see these two examples.) I’ve had a series of key moment from these stories come to mind as comic book covers but the stories themselves probably would not make good graphic novels: they often hinge on a realization or a change in perspective rather than strong visual elements or a highly dramatic plot.

I’ve always gotten work as multimedia: music, short films, art along with the written part of the story. I’ve chosen to focus on the written part because it takes me far longer to write out a melody and cord structure or draw up a story board. (And because writing doesn’t require any more staff, equipment or expense than me, a pen, my time and some paper.) I try to preserve the rest, if only as a note or a sketch, but I don’t get enough music to fill an album or enough films to make a whole thing with. (And all of the parts depend on each other – but the writing stands on its own better than the films or music.)

The rejection slips for my short stories often say ‘this seems like part of something larger’. Yes, why yes it is. I hope someday I can give a sense of what that is.


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